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You need an organized home that looks good. We have an easy-to-maintain system that works for you and your space.

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Meet Ruthie

Simplifized founder Ruthie Levy started her organizing career in 2013. Growing up, free Sundays were best spent organizing playroom closets, decluttering the attic and making anything and everything tidy and neat.  By the summer of 2013, Ruthie decided to use her talents to bring the joy of an organized home to those in the tri-state area.


The dynamic founder and her ever expanding team of assistants have taken on every organizing challenge presented. From the most cluttered apartments to the largest homes in the community, the Simplifized team have brought order into countless homes.


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Simplifize your Life

We offer on-site professional organizing and do-it-yourself online programs.

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The dream of every busy homemaker in the tri-state area.


Ruthie and her team will personally Simplifize your home PLUS they’ll give you the tools to keep your house easily maintained. .



Online, self-paced program to  to learn how to create and maintain a Simplifized home.


Master Ruthie's method of home organization in your own space, wherever you are in the world.

100% virtual! 



Exclusive online course to certify as a professional organizer.


Turn your passion into a rewarding career. Join successful graduates who have studied and mastered the Simplifized method.

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Are you ready to take the next step and Simplifize your home?

"Thanks to Ruthie, I've created systems that help keep my house organized and efficient. Ruthie is always available to help me resolve my  organizational difficulties, and she focuses a lot on how to maintain the systems."

Rochel Becker, New York


Simplifized is a on a mission to educate and empower every busy home-maker to live with an easy, gorgeous and sustainable home organizational system.

We offer in-home organizing and online  training, plus professional training for home organizers.  

Because life is better when things are simply organized.